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Easily create Open Data from
Google Spreadsheets

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How it Works

1 Create Spreadsheet

Step 1: Create spreadsheet

Create a spreadsheet in Google Drive. Share, collaborate and refine your data as usual.

2 Design Template

Step 2: Design template

Design the template in Open Data Press. Format your data the way you want it - any markup, any schema.

3 Publish Open Data

Step 3: Publish open data

Publish your Open Data feed. Feeds update automatically when your spreadsheet is changed.


  • Publish data in XML, JSON, HTML, CSV, TXT format.
  • Publish multiple data files from a single data source.
  • A dedicated dashboard - Providing a dedicated interface for data publishers.
  • Leverage the powerful Jinja2 Template Engine to format your data.
  • Open Source - Download the code and run your own instance!
  • Designed to run on Google App Engine - To make life easy for the Sys. Admins.
  • Coded in Python - A familiar language for data geeks.
  • Comprehensive Developer Documentation.

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